Covid-19 Mitigation Policy*

FLMC recognizes the importance of in-person music-making and instruction to the growth and development of young musicians. We are committed to offering an in-person musical experience for all of our campers. We are also committed to keeping our staff and students healthy, and so are establishing the following protocols for 2021. 


Parents and campers should take personal responsibility in choosing not to attend camp if they are feeling ill. Campers will be instructed to inform their camp counselors or the camp directors should they feel ill while at camp (illness includes, but is not limited to: fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, congestion, cough, gastrointestinal abnormalities). Ill campers will be immediately isolated and parents will be called.

Masks and Bell Covers

Masks and bell covers will not be required. Students and staff are welcome to use them. 

Positive Covid cases

Should a camper or staff member test positive for Covid either during or immediately following camp, FLMC will work with the Lake County Health Department and follow their recommendations regarding contact tracing and camper notification. It is our intent to follow health department guidelines.

*This policy is fluid and subject to change based upon current recommendations from the Lake County Health Department.